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photo by Sari Soininen

Terveh! Kuibo dielot?

I am Mirya Nezvitskaya, a multidisciplinary designer and artist originally from Karelia, currently living in Helsinki, Finland.

My work is situated within visual design, user experience, studies of new media, anthropology and language. I am interested in understanding how new media technologies work and influence everyday life of individuals. My current research for Master of Arts thesis at Aalto University focuses on the possibilities of endangered languages preservation using new media technologies.

Being Karelian, my artistic practice emphasises on folklore, cultural preservation, mysticism, nature and sound. In my free time I enjoy getting lost in the forest picking wildflowers, riding my bright pink bicycle, singing in the Lauttasaari choir and being part of a music collective "Yölinnut", where I play different instruments, sing and sometimes even rap in Karelian.

Selected clients

Oma Media, Serlachius museums, Karjalan Sivistysseura, Ministry of Culture, Ukko, Assembly Festival, Cutrin, Posti, City of Vantaa, Aalto University, Turku University

Latest exhibitions, articles & features

2021 - Art residency, Kanneltalo, Helsinki

2021 - "Moi dorogoi drug", Ristiaallokko Exhibition, Gallery V1, Espoo

2021 - "62.917751, 29.939541" publication, Connectors book

2021 - "Alphavit" Yölinnut online performance, Helsinki

2020 - "Towards posthumanist philosophy of performance" publication, Infragraphy magazine volume IV 

2020 - "Collecting your Waste", The Anthrobscene Exhibition, Väre, Espoo

2020 - Oma Media "Oma Media tunnetuksi: Portaali esiteltiin Luoteis-Venäjällä" article

2020 - Carelia "Mirya Nezvitskaya: Omaa mediaa luomassa" article and feature

2020 - "Deconstruction of the Body", Vitamin D Exhibition, Beta Space, Espoo

2020 - "Yölinnut" performance, Ääniaalto Festival, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki

2020 - "Underwater", Flux Island Exhibition, Vuotalo, Helsinki

2019/20 - "Autapse.52", LLUX 360 Exhibition, Lapinlahti, Helsinki

2019/20 - "You are the shining light", LLUX 360 Exhibition, Lapinlahti, Helsinki

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